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A multidisciplinary artistic education, a passion for traveling as well as
cultural and artistic diversity have nourished his vocation and prefigured his activities. As a sculptor, photographer, then filmmaker, he commits himself as a producer side by side with the actors in his aim to defend their originality, styles and convictions.

In collaboration with “Arion Productions” and “Les Films du Cyclone”, more than 25 films have been produced and coproduced creating a rather special editorial line. Most of the films were shot in various parts of the world.

For the most part, these films have been selected and awarded in Cannes, Venice, Berlin and Toronto at the FIPA and at the “Festival du Réel”.

Among them:
• ORIANE de Fina TORRÈS (Venezuelian), Caméra d’Or at the
 Cannes Film Festival, 1985
 Las MONTANHAS da LUA by Paulo ROCHA (Portugese),
Official selection in Venice
• AGOSTO by Jorge Silva MELO (Portugese)

• TRES IRMAOS by Teresa VILLAVERDE (Portugese),  official selection
in Venice, female role  interpretation award
• GÊNES, LE MARIN FANTÔME by Alain TANNER (Swiss), opening of the
Festival du RÉEL
• DOLLAR MAMBO by Paul LEDUC (Mexican)
• THE SHIPWRECKED by Miguel LITTIN (Chilean), official selection
Cannes, 1993

> He produces atypical authors such as:
-Alain FLEISHER, one of the most influential figures in the artistic and literary scene. Sculptor, photographer, film director, writer, Alain Fleischer is the scriptwriter and director of
LE FRESNOY (National Studio of Contemporary Arts)
For :
• ROME ROMÉ (Opening of the auditorium of the Grand Louvre)
• DANIEL CORDIER 2 x 52 min. portrait of a great collector, for
- François CAIILAT for
• JULIA KRISTÉVA, A Strange Stranger, in coproduction with INA and ARTE
- Valeria SARMIENTO, Chilean, for three films:
• AMELIA LOPEZ O’NEILL, shot in Valparaiso, Chile
Selected in the official competition at the Berlin Film Festival
• ELLE, shot in Bulgaria

> He has initiated and coproduced:
• URGA by Nikita MIKHALKOV (Russian) shot in Mongolia,
Golden Lion at the 1991 Venice Film Festival
> In his fiction films and documentaries, he has also dedicated himself to social topics and current politics
Among others:
• VERSANT SUD DE LA LIBERTÉ by Mahmoud HUSSEIN (Egyptian) Je n’ai pu trouver la traduction en anglais. Remarque de la traductrice.
In collaboration with the UNESCO, a survey on the relations between the North and South. It will be filmed in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
• TERRE SACRÉE by Émilio PACULL, shot in Chile during the dictatorship of the military junta.
ARTE, also shot in Chile during the same period
• CHRONIQUES NOMADES, 4 films about nomads, among them:
• WADAABÉ, by Werner HERZOG (German) about the Peul tribes in Niger
• BADJAO, by François FLOQUET (Canadian) about the nomads on the sea of the Philippines.
(Colombian), shot in Columbia
> He was a member of various commissions within the National French Archives in Paris, among them: In Advance of Receipts, Sponsering the Broadcasting and Distribution of films, the Villa Medicis (awarded the Rome Film Prize), and the ECO fund (sponsorships destined at the cinema of ex-communist countries).
> He coproduces in collaboration with Bulgarian productions:
• QUELQUE CHOSE DANS L’AIR, a  film by Peter Popzlatev
• PIERRES QUI ROULENT by Yvan Tcherkelov
• LES AMIS D’ÉMILIA by Ludmil Todorov
• SULAMIT by Christo Christov
• DES OURS ET DES HOMMES by Eldora Traikova
• LA ROUTE DEVANT by Stephan Ivanov
• MOON LIFE, an Yvan Stanev film produced by Donka Angélova

> 1998: Simultaneously with the release of the coproduced films, he organized in Paris a panorama of the Bulgarian Cinema.

> 2007: To mark the entry of Bulgaria into the European Community, he organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Bulgarian ambassador to France a week of Bulgarian Cinema in Paris. 

>He founded SOFILM in 1995. It is one of the first independent Bulgarian film production companies within which he manages more than 30 productions, among them UGC for *EAST-WEST, Gaumont for *BIG CITY, Europa Corp and Twentieth Century Fox for *HITMAN, Humbert BALSAN for LE GRAND VOYAGE, Denis FREYD/Archipel 33 for *HOME staring Isabelle Huppert and others, especially for the French-German cultural channel ARTE.

>He founded the OPEN CLASS in 2006.