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  • PATRICK SANDRIN : [more details]
    Programming Manager
    Co-programmer, moderator, speaker
    General Representative
    Coordination manager
    Chief of communication/Paris
    Press Relation/Sofia
    Coordination assistant

Co-programmer, moderator,

Cinema critic, teacher, associate professor of the aesthetics of cinema at the university Paris III (Sorbonne Nouvelle), he used to be the chief editor of the Cahiers du cinéma (1998-2003) – He gave numerous presentations (college of art history,  Cinémathèque française…) and participates at  various international symposiums (New York, Tokyo, Korea…) – In the 80ies, Charles Tesson has helped to make Asian Cinema known in France – He has written numerous works on the cinema:
Satyajit Ray, published by the « Cahiers duCinéma » (1992),
Luis Buñuel, collection« Auteurs », published by the » Cahiers du Cinéma », (1995),
El (Luis Buñuel), collection « Synopsis » published by Nathan,1996,
Photogénie de la Série B, Published by the « Cahiers du cinéma » (1997),
Théâtre et cinéma, published by the « Cahiers du Cinéma », (2006),
Akira Kurosawa, published by the« Cahiers du Cinéma/Le Monde »,collection « Grands Cinéastes » (2008).
He is the chief editor of DVDs edited by MK2. He also produced: Ministères de l’art by Philippe Garrel and L’autre nuit by Jean-Pierre Limosin. During 5 years he was the distributor of Régime sans pain by Raoul Ruiz, Mon cher sujet by Anne-Marie Miéville, Welcome in Vienna by Axel Corti...). Charles Tesson is member of the jury of the 2009 Golden Cameraat the Cannes Film Festival.


General Representative

She gives lectures in semiotic sciences at the University of Sofia, works as a translator and is the author of works on semiotic researches and the philosophy of language.
From 1991 to 93, she joined the team at the Ministry of Culture in order to help with the founding of the National Book Centre and the reforming of the editorial sector.
Since 1995, she is the scientific representative for the House of Human and Social Sciences in Sofia.
She participates in the forum “Dialogues of Sofia” (An international symposium of major scale in the domain of social science) as well as in numerous research projects such as the organization of research and academic education and publishing.
She is the chief editor of the magazine Divinatio Studia Culturologica Series and manages the edition of around twenty books in the Bulgarian language.
+359 889 52 23 24


Coordination manager

Meglena has worked in the fields of art, publishing and tourism before joining the Sofilm team in 2003 where she is in charge of logistics and production. She participates at the Open Classes since their debut.
+359 894 770 259


Chief of communication / Paris

As an independent press attaché for the cinema from 1980 to 89 she defended the following writers: Manoel de Oliveira, Paolo Rocha, Emilio Pacull, Philippe Garrel, Chantal Akerman and Vitali Kanevski. She is the Press Attaché of the theatre director Gérard Gélas
From 1989 to 92, she was the manager of the communication department of the publisher Ramsay-Régine Deforge.
She joined up with the ARTE team in 1992, the year of the foundation of the channel, and held the post of the press attaché for “Thema” until 2001.
+33 6 83 54 41 97


Press Relation / Sofia

Nevena has been working for seven years as a journalist with Christo Botev, the National Bulgarian Radio’s cultural channel, where she presents the art and culture program Artefir. She coordinates the art and culture department of Bulgaria’s sole online magazine specializing in culture and education.
+359 878 17 58 81


Coordination assistant

Margarita joined SOFILM in 2008.
Previously she worked with the Institute of Public Administration as a programming coordinator for the training of civil servants. She holds a Master in administration and management from the University of Liège, Belgium.
+ 359 896 66 54 86