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In the name of the organizers, I am very pleased to welcome today our special guest Charles Tesson, together with other personalities and professionals of the movie world, all of whom are renowned for their competence, experience and international reputation of their works. Among these are film directors, artists, producers, critics, journalists, philosophers, essayists, writers, scriptwriters, exposition organizers, festival and international music hall directors, managers of fiction and documentary departments of big TV channels, such as art or cinema schools, museums, films archives and multimedia galleries of contemporary art.
Our collaborators base their presentations on a selection of films or extracts. Their passion, erudition, educational experience and complementary approach of the topics are the main characteristics of the OPEN CLASSES.
The OPEN CLASSES that specialize in ethnical cinematography will be accompanied by anthropologists, academics, musicians, artists, sculptors, each one contributing his art or knowledge. 

P. Sandrin