la Classe Libre
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The following topics are treated in the OPEN CLASSES: aesthetics, ethics, politics, the cinema professions, the diversity of its forms and concepts. The links established between film and the various different fields related to it are being analyzed through major research work based on a variety of themes ranging from literature to social and human science, from sculpture to architecture, from music to live art as well as contemporary techniques such as digital and special effects. Our aim is to cover the diversity of the cinema practices and to display the wide range of its different fields. During the OPEN CLASSES, we put to discussion the critical views of certain films, the commitment of filmmakers, their ways of treating reality that provide us with the news of the world or their vision of it. In spite of the fact that the cinema is an aesthetical experience, a poetical and metaphysical view on time and space, it’s also a summary of political and moral questions. 

P. Sandrin