la Classe Libre
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Created, produced and directed
by Patrick Sandrin

More than 15 years of practical experience and cooperation with the Bulgarian cinema in addition to Bulgaria’s recent entry to the European Union is what determined my personal commitment to follow Bulgaria’s transformation into a free and democratic state and what inspired me to the founding of the OPEN CLASS.

This forum is what I wished to serve as an exchange of ideas, via conferences, meetings, debates. A space that is playful and convivial, a place to reflect upon the challenging diversity of cinema, its expressions, practices and its various genres for the art of seeing, listening and showing.    

Five free classes per year have been programmed in collaboration with a committee of competitive consultants, joined by Charles TESSON and other personalities, during which we treat different topics. For each single theme we propose a detailed projection of classical and contemporary films or extracts. The presentations given by our contributors and their discussions with the audience are based on this selection.  The topics put to discussion are: aesthetics, ethics, politics, history and culture in general.  

The OPEN CLASS is a method which gives the opportunity to meet up with authors, scriptwriters and other professionals of cinema, as well as to discover topics and films of a unique genre.
Our aim is to stimulate people’s critical senses and opinions, open up new perspectives and generate vocational interests.
The OPEN CLASSES are journeys through the movie world that help us  discover cultures, practices and cinematography  that are seldom or never broadcast in Bulgaria.