2013 happened to be an anniversary date for me, and the end of my activities in Bulgary…. With only one regret, the CLASSE LIBRE, or at least its concept has no longer been promoted by anyone. What a terrible loss for me.
We had that utopian idea of a regular meeting, an essential part of a cultural activity lacking ideas and ambition on this side of the Balkans.
The CLASSE LIBRE welcomed a part of the French cultural scene and some institutions such as ARTE, Le FRESNOY, ARTPRESS, SUNNY SIDE.
Those figures regularly came to program, show and share about the aesthetical and political stakes specific to the cinema, from its origins to the most contemporary times of its production. I want to thank them for having passed through Sofia, for bringing their knowledge but above all shared their passion and enthusiam. I am grateful to you Charles Tesson, for believing in this project and for brilliantly animating it from start. I thank my team for their important planning and communication work required by those CLASSES LIBRES.
I must also commend those talented translators (Diana Bojilova and Maya Marinova) who have tirelessly traduced our speakers. At last, I want to thank the BNT (National Bulgarian Television) and the National Bulgarian Radio for having widely communicated about the contents and received most of the speakers of the CLASSE LIBRE.

Patrick Sandrin